SKU: DUMwhisky001

Dumangin Batch 001 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 46% 700ml

12 Years
Champagne J. Dumangin Fils
12 Years Old for this single malt Scotch Whisky aged and bottled in Scotland. Very nice amber colour hiding a peaty power put in light by the Ratafia Champenois… « The Dumangin Champagne Twist » 413 numbered bottles in gift boxes ORIGIN: Scotland – ORKNEY Islands (Islands/Highlands region) DISTILLATION DATE: 10/2007 1ST AGEING: 11 years in refilled Hogshead FINISH: 7 months in RATAFIA CHAMPENOIS Barrel T-032 BOTTLING DATE: 11/2019 in Scotland NUMBER OF BOTTLES: 413 ABV: 46% AGE: 12 years CHARACTERISTICS: Smoky flavours with a nice peat. All rounded by the ageing in Ratafia Champenois casks. DISTILLERY: There are only 2 distilleries on Orkney main Island Ecosse. There is still a bit of mystery allowed NON CHILL FILTERED
1890s A star is born! Champagne Dumangin was created by Hippolyte Dumangin. Jacky Dumangin, 3 generations later, perfected the characteristically feminine Premier Cru champagne range. His son, Gilles Dumangin, 5th generation of successful winemakers, "upped" the range by introducing the several high-class champagnes that helped position his top of the range wines. And his originality has been to maintain the tradition of distilling his wines and marcs himself and he is one of 2 houses of champagne still doing it. The wealth of champagne houses has made them lazy, to the point that they all contract their distillation to one and same distiller to use their own marcs sometimes and often any marc. The result is that they more or less taste the same

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