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Don Guido Sherry Aperitif Pedro Ximenez Solera Special 20 years 18% 500ml
Definition: In EEC terms, Quality Liquor Wine Produced in a Specific Region, (VLCPRD, CE Nº 479/2008 Del Consejo de 29 de Abril de 2008); in Spain, fortified liquor wine with the Quality Demarcation Jerez – Xérès – Sherry and indication of age: VOS with 12 years of maturing and ageing. Very sweet. Type of grape: Pedro Ximénez Vineyards: Jerez Superior. Pago Balbaína Alcohol content: 18% Alc/Vol. Type of grape: Pedro Ximénez Sherry Sugar content: 380 g/l Production: Grapes dried under the sun for 15 days in the drying yards. Must at high pressure in special presses, immediately fortified at 9º C. It is then decanted and filtered after the first cold treatment. Later it is fortified again until it reaches 18 º C, after which it undergoes physical-chemical ageing in the Criaderas y Soleras system for at least 20 years. Tasting notes: Dense, mahogany-black and slightly viscous. Characteristic Pedro Ximénez, raisin and fig aromas with round, underlying balsamic notes. Low acidity, almost syrupy sweet and with a long finish that leaves the sweetness and aromas in your mouth and nose for a long time. Suggestions for consumption: A magnificent dessert wine and always a pleasure to sip away at. Essential in stylish cuisine.

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