Domingo Mezcal Especial Espadín Oaxaca 48% 700ml

Domingo Mezcal

Oaxaca is the epicenter of mezcal in the country and without a doubt it’s a world carved in legends, green quarry, black clay and of course agave.

Agave: Maguey espadín (Angustifolia Haw)


Elaboration process: Traditional. Grinded in chilean tahona pulled by horse. Cooked underground in conical oven with tepehuaje and sabino wood.


Tasting Note: Ripe citric aromas, a notorious presence of cooked agave and alcohol. In the mouth, earth followed by a sweet and fruity flavor derived from the tropical fruits of the region.


Crafting Family:: Velasco Family

A legend is born from a tradition of wit

Legendario Domingo appears in the middle of festivity, colour and celebrations of each of its place of origin. The Sundays (domingos) that are lived in a different way, as an opportunity for celebrating traditions, festivities and mixing reality with fantasy. The joy of each region makes an ordinary Sunday into a legendary Sunday!

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