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Distillerie Emile Coulin Baie Bleue 16% 500ml
Baie Bleue®, a unique liqueur made from an infusion of blueberries from Les Vosges, an infusion of cherries and a dash of Fougerolles AOC Kirsch. This aperitif liqueur can be enjoyed straight, over ice and is a proud symbol of the rich regional heritage of Les Vosges. Serving suggestions: Baie Bleue® can be served straight, over ice and even as a long drink for an aperitif! This liqueur can also give a boost to your desserts: fruit salad, sorbets, etc. Cocktail idea: Put a few ice cubes in a large goblet glass, then add 6 cl BB, top up with tonic + a thin slice of orange. Gourmet tip: use cranberry or apple juice instead of tonic.

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