Germana Cachaca Soul (White) 40% 700ml

A rare, approachable and artisanal Cachaca: try it and you will never go back to industrial Cachaca! Germana Soul is unaged and unfiltered. It is made in the fertile region of Minas Gerais (south east Brazil) in the farm established in 1912 by the Caetano family. It's 100% natual, made only from sugarcane and yeast being from the surrounding corn fields. No sugar nor additives. Rested in stainless steel vats and non-filtered. The high oily grade to Soul shows in the glass and is also experienced in its distinctive bouquet. One litter of Soul is obtained from every 33 liters of fermented sugarcane that is processed. NOSE: sugarcane and hints of banana. PALATE: oily and viscous texture, sharp sweetness. Makes amazing Caipirinha! First choice in the best bars in Australia and around the world.
Germana is a handmade very artisanal Brazilian spirit made in the state of Minas Gerais. Produced from unrefined sugar cane juice and a little corn flour, it is regarded as one of the best quality Cachaças (pronounced “ka-shah-sa”) in this world. It is produced from estate-grown sugarcane cut by hand using machetes and immediately transported to the distillery where it is processed through the one and only electrical machine to extract the juice. Fermentation is dependent on the weather as it is a natural process with natural yeasts made from maize planted at the fazenda (Farm) and can take between 18 to 24 hours. The “sugarcane wine” is then distilled in a copper still. At Germana, Cachaça is a way of life, a passion. Attention to detail is paramount and they are very proud also of their aged cachaças which can proudly belong to the category of “ Complex Matured Spirits “ such as Cognac, Armagnac Whisky, Calvados, Rum Agricole etc.

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