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Brocken Spectre Gin for Tonic 42% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Brocken Spectre Gin for Tonic 42% 500ml
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Brocken Spectre 'Gin for Tonic' 42% 500ml: One of Tasmania's finest gin's is now available through Spirits of France! 16 Aromatics - Elegant, Soft, and Symbiotic to Tonic Water. As the name suggests, Gin for Tonic was the brainchild of an avid gin lover. Frustrated with the way tonic over powers the delicate flavours of the spirit. The goal was to create a beautiful and elegant gin that stood its ground to become perfectly balanced in the classic gin and tonic. The base spirit is grape-centric, to give the gin a soft and almost sweet character, while sixteen meticulously selected aromatics, each alongside a complimentary partner, offer a variety of complex layers. The stand-out flavours of juniper and coriander seed, star anise and vanilla, lemon myrtle and strawberry gum, lemon and rosemary are ironically making Gin For Tonic a well known addition to other creations such as The Negroni. A truly versatile Gin. A must have for any Gin lover!   For more Gins, Click HERE Have you seen the Summer Gin? Explore it HERE
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Brocken Spectre Summer Gin 42% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Brocken Spectre Summer Gin 42% 500ml
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Brocken Spectre 'Summer Gin' 42% 500ml: "I really thought I had an original idea, alas, no. Saffron gin has been done before in France. I think the Brocken Specter Summer Gin is the first Australian saffron gin; we use 100% Tasmanian grown saffron and never add any coloring. For the base we combine 16 aromatics including juniper, coriander seed, lemon myrtle, strawberry gum, star anise and vanilla bean. This mix is added to a grape based spirit and left over night. This spirit/aromatic base re-distilled, after; at full strength we add the saffron. After a few days the saffron stamens are completely white and simply strained out. The gin is gluten free, vegan and unfiltered. Try a summer gin with good tonic, fresh chilies and thyme!"   For more Gin, Click HERE

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