Grosperrin Cognac No.64 Borderies 52.1% 700ml | Brandy | Shop online at Spirits of France
Grosperrin Cognac No.64 Borderies 52.1% 700ml
This very old cognac comes from a joint-possession which was established at the death of the winegrower many years ago. His widow and children manage the inheritance with prudence and patience, in memory of this man. One of the grandsons took over the estate and it is now flourishing as one of the most important in the Borderies region. The Grandfather’s stock is however managed separately, and kept in a cellar in the centre of the village of Burie, located in the heart of the Borderies. We became the owners of this exceptional cognac through a certified broker. It has since then aged in our cellar in Saintes, on the bank of the Charente river, where a small water reduction was carried out over 2 years ago. Old gold colour, amber highlights. The first floral nose, typical of the Borderies expresses itself clearly, with notes of violet sweets (they do exist, in France at least!), dried flowers, spicy roses. The second nose is more profound, denser, and we distinguish an elegant rancio, but without too much woodiness, induced by the oxidation of the fat contained in the alcohol, which time has made noble. The spices are more intense, cigar boxes, liquorice, more “mature”. The attack is frank, mineral on the palate, we are immediately touched by the quality of the cognac. It develops in a powerful and yet contained way, the texture reveals itself as being quite oily. The long finish takes us back to the aromas perceived on the nose. Very elegant, a beautiful Borderies.
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Grosperrin 'Cognac De Collection' 33 years 41.9% 700ml | Brandy | Shop online at Spirits of France
Grosperrin 'Cognac De Collection' 33 years 41.9% 700ml
This rare “Borderies 33 years” is actually much older than its guaranteed minimum age. This cognac comes from a smallholding in the Borderies, which was sold by its owner in 1980. This holding therefore no longer exists, and this was the last testimony. This cognac comes from a difficult, clayey and siliceous terroir, lands that the winegrowers here qualify as “  friendship  ”. The harvest was done by hand, and this cognac was distilled in a small 3 hectoliters still, heated with wood and charcoal. Aged on clay, in a cellar located below the road, only 188 litres remained in the small 350-litre barrel. Amber colour. On the nose, a lovely expression of candied fruit, ginger and pastries, like a morning in a bakery. Some notes of undergrowth, refreshed by scents of white flowers, iris, daffodils, but also violet. On the palate, the attack is soft, very greedy, with a buttery side. The violet emerges, quickly complemented by spices, Sichuan pepper, candied ginger, then light notes of mushroom. Beautiful elegance, extended by an exceptional length for a cognac grading only 41 ° 2.
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Grosperrin No.79 Borderies Cognac 53.6% 700ml | Brandy | Shop online at Spirits of France
Grosperrin No.79 Borderies Cognac 53.6% 700ml
Grosperrin No. 79 Borderies 53.6% 700ml This non-vintage Cognac comes from a very small holding in the Borderies, located a few kilometers from Saintes. Amber colour. Very fine, long. On the nose, a cognac with fine rancios, almost dry, notes of blackcurrant. There is a lot of elegance in this cognac, which is reminiscent of lot N ° 64 Borderies. On the palate, the attack is frank. Medium finish, a little spicy, but not lacking in charm thanks to the floral notes that remain.
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Grosperrin Cognac No 48 Borderies 46.8% 700ml | Brandy | Shop online at Spirits of France
Grosperrin Cognac No 48 Borderies 46.8% 700ml
This very old cognac comes from a family of notaries who’ve lived since 1794 near the small village of Saint-Sulpice de Cognac, in a beautiful 18th century home. There are traces of the family dating back to the French Revolution, when the Mayor of the village left an estate to his family. The property had vineyards planted on the most exceptional hillsides of the Borderies region. It is one of his descendants who produced this beautiful cognac, on the land that once belonged to his father, to his grandfather, and even to his great grandfather… And Guilhem bought this single cask from his great-great-grandson. These very ancient cognacs, of which only a few hectolitres are left, have been passed on for four generations, inherited each time by someone in the same family. The estate stopped producing cognac in 1981. It is at this date that the distillery closed and that the vines were sold to big neighbouring estates. The family heirs have accepted this and today take the greatest care in preserving this exceptional heritage which is sleeping in the cellars built centuries ago by their ancestors. The colour is very amber. On the first nose, this cognac reveals discreet notes of violet (violet sweets…), of hyacinth and of tuber. These fragile and delicate notes are quickly covered by more powerful, almost spicy notes of dried flowers, leather, with pronounced rancio. On the palate, the attack is progressive; it is a testament to the great age of this cognac. The aromas of dried flowers, of old leather book covers and of spices immediately express themselves. The mouth is quickly seized by the spices and rancio, a token in itself of the authenticity of an old cognac. The finish is long, marked by a structured rancio along with notes of dried oranges and liquorice. An approachable cognac, despite being very “complete”.

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