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Bertrand Eau de Vie Quetsch (Blue Plum) 45% 700ml

Distillery Bertrand
In Alsace, Quetsch is the local fruit. These plump, purple plums on distillation give off a unique aromatic complexity. The flavours of Quetsch, made from ripe plums, waft aromas of Green Apple and Cherry flesh type. Very fresh, herbal and more especially mint and aniseed flavours are also found in Quetsch.

Inheritors of a long family tradition of patience and expertise, Bertrand distil their fruit Spirit Eau-de-vie just as Joseph Bertrand did in 1874: 'seeking perfection through passion'. Today, this continuous search for quality marks them out as one of the best Distillers in France. 

Every year they put their skills to the test by successfully taking part in the most prestigious national and international shows. This is how one small corner of Alsace becomes an ambassador of good French taste throughout the world. Bertrand: 30 gold medals in the last ten years. Distillation of natural fermented fruits and ageing that exacerbates the taste, fragrance, perfume of A for Apricot to W for William Pear, via another 14 fruits (Holy berry, Elderberry, Wild Cherry, Quince, Sloe, Gentian, etc)

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