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Mezcal Amares Logia Cenizo 43% 700ml


Amarás Logia Cenizo keeps a balance between smoky and citric aromas on the nose, with bold and intense hints of roasted coffee beans.

Handcrafted with a 14-year-old wild agave scientifically known as an A. durangensis.

It is crafted using a particular artisanal recipe that starts with the use of local mesquite and huisache wood when cooked.

It is milled with an axe.

Its fermentation is 100% natural, in rectangular vats at ground level, maintaining a stable temperature.

Please note that some bottling may have "Amores" rather than "Amares". This is due to a change in brand name. The producer, notes, history and liquid are identical. 

Amarás is an honest brand born from our special bond with the sun, the land, and the people who work it. It collaborates with Maestros Mezcaleros from Oaxaca and Guerrero to create our core portfolio using agave Espadín and Cupreata, honouring centuries of heritage and preserving 500 years of artisanal crafting.

Containing rich and unique notes that spark your senses, Mezcal Amarás invites you into a world of smoothness, with perfectly balanced flavours and aromas.

Each bottle of Mezcal Amarás is crafted using sustainable and natural methods, conscious of the direct correlation we have with nature.

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