Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5% 700ml
Giselle Pavlova Gin 37.5% 700ml TASTE NOTES: Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin is the basis of the Giselle. Using a three stage Orange infusion and distillation process.  Including our unique use of Fenugreek. Post distillation we use all natural flavours to make a gin that tastes like Pavlova, but just the Pavlova base without the fruit on top. Giselle Pavlova Gin has a delicious creamy, vanilla-y and meringue-y flavour with a toffee/burnt crust finish. Albanian juniper is the basis once again and it’s a gin – but like no other! MIXING:Try Giselle Pavlova Gin straight or with a light tonic and a fresh strawberry to garnish. Or if you’re brave – just replace the tonic with soda water. Like all Pavlovas, its up to you to choose the best fruit to garnish Giselle. BACK STORY/DESIGN: Anna Pavlova danced the famous Giselle Ballet almost to her death. Giselle is one of the most renowned ballets and often performed around the world. It’s the story of a peasant girl who dies of a broken heart after being tricked by her wealthy and powerful lover. But like Giselle, revenge is best served cold & sweet as Giselle returns as a beautiful ghost. Giselle Pavlova Gin is a must try for every Australian Gin drinker! Shop more of the Nosferatu range HERE
Christian Drouin Gin 'Le Gin Blanc' 42% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Christian Drouin Gin 'Le Gin Blanc' 42% 700ml
Guillaume Drouin has created this hand-crafted Gin using the art of blending developed for classic spirits. It is produced by distillation of ciders in three small Normandy copper pot stills, and by the distillation of Juniper and seven other aromatic plants typical of the world of Calvados. Each one is distilled separately before being blended in unique proportions for a batch of 2,850 bottles. This gin is in fact a cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated. Remarkably well-balanced, it simultaneously reveals finesse and incredible aromatic precision. Proud of its Normandy roots, the nose opens with wafts of apple. Little by little, it becomes liquorice-inspired, herbaceous (juniper) and peppery. Full of energy, the opening on the palate is floral (apple blossom) and fruity (raspberry, blackcurrants). The back of the palate offers freshly cut quarters of apple and a voluptuous nose (apple tart, quince jelly).   For more Christian Drouin, CLICK HERE
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Prohibition Christmas Gin 2023 38% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Prohibition Christmas Gin 2023 38% 500ml
$102.00 $125.00
Our 2023 Christmas Gin is a delightfully bright & decadent expression of our most festive spirit. Lashings of figs from the Adelaide Hills are elevated with cherries & late harvest Chardonnay grapes. All manners of Christmas spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves work in harmony with Riverland citrus in this true spirit of Christmas. As always, it is perfect served in a Yuletide-styled French 75, drizzled on Christmas pudding, or enjoyed with ice cream for a festive, epicurean dessert.
Hartshorn Gin Sheep Whey 40% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Hartshorn Gin Sheep Whey 40% 500ml
Hartshorn Sheep Whey Gin uses 6 native Australian botanicals (plus juniper) with 2 of them never used before in any other gin (Australian flower and sweet grass). All botanicals are vapour infused (as opposed to steeped) which is a technique not used too often with Australian Gins, giving the Gin a much more delicate and subtle bouquet with petal and citrus aromas with a hint of freshly cut hay. Serving Suggestion: Delicate Gin, best suited for Neat, Martinis, soda water and only light Tonics. Awards:  Australia’s Best Contemporary Gin at the World Vodka Awards Voted #1 Australia’s Favourite Gin in the Covent Garden Hottest 100 Gins 2021  Have you seen the Hartshorn Vodka? Click HERE to explore!
Generous Gin Organic 44% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Generous Gin Organic 44% 700ml
A Gin of great freshness, lemony with an explosivity in the mouth. All the ingredients coming into the composition of GENEROUS ORGANIC are: Juniper, Citrus, Mandarin, Red Pepper, Combava & Coriander. Some of them are produced by maceration, others by distillation, using exclusively traditional methods. This naturality can be clearly perceived in the tasting: the style is clear, the flavours are precised and well harmonised. TASTING NOTES: COLOR Light and shiny texture. NOSE Fresh, sweet and fine. Slight hint of juniper softened by lemony notes. TASTE Explosive and fruity thanks to Coriander and Combava on a beautiful course of juniper. A long fresh and aromatic finish. CONCLUSION The juniper is always there, subtil at each stage, elegant, and well balanced.   For more Generous Gin, CLICK HERE
Bunyip Sticky Gin 37.5% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Bunyip Sticky Gin 37.5% 700ml
Bunyip Sticky Gin - A unique gin distilled with the best quality juniper, lemons and lemon peel, coriander, cardamom, grains of paradise, wormwood and liquorice root and then comes the cool and unique part – its blended back with unfermented Pinot Gris grape juice form Mornington Peninsula. Bunyip is a modern interpretation of the French classic called a ‘Mistelle’. Like a gin version of a Pineau de Charentes or a Sticky Wine its delicious with cheese.  Standard G&T – serve with a wedge of lime and a Mediterranean tonic  
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Taylor & Smith Dry Gin 46% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Taylor & Smith Dry Gin 46% 500ml
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500ml 46% Alc/Vol Batches of 200 Product of Hobart, Australia The fresh spirit of Tasmania’s ancient Huon Pine, iridescent abalone shell and pristine water. A nod to a London Dry, our Dry Gin features the four key botanicals of sage, abalone shell, Huon Pine needles and red grapefruit. Fresh sage is grown in our distillery garden and we source the shell whilst on family abalone dives. Once cleaned, the shell is dried and broken into tiny pieces to infuse in the gin. Abalone shell, used in Chinese medicine, is a calcium carbonate to neutralise the acids and adds a slight salinity. Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is a species of conifer native to Tasmania. It is found by the edge of rivers and is an incredibly slow growing, revered local timber. The needles provide pine notes that differ to juniper and add to the complexity of the dryness.
Backwoods Salted Lime Gin 43% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Backwoods Salted Lime Gin 43% 500ml
Our Salted Lime Gin was inspired by some of our favourite flavours of the Australian botanical landscape. Created with two unique varieties of Australian lime, along with pink river salt from the Murray River. This gin highlights fresh juniper with a zesty lime pallet and a mildly salty finish. Distilled in our copper column still, we use a double-distillation method by boiling the traditional botanicals and vapour infusing the Australian ingredients. Enioy with tonic or soda and a lime wedge for a refreshing summer sipper! Or get a little fancy and mix up a martini or gin margarita!
Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin 29% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin 29% 500ml
No doubt that if our Sloe Gin DUKE had existed in his time, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Bon would have presented it at his table. This Sloe Gin, with its brilliant grenadine colour, pays tribute to this prince representing the incarnation of the alliance between Burgundy and England. Its notes of almonds and candied fruits from macerated sloe berries, combined with the subtle power of juniper, make it an elegantly balanced spirit, perfect for pure tasting or to enhance your creative cocktails.
Copenhagen Distillery Orange Organic Gin 43% 500ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Copenhagen Distillery Orange Organic Gin 43% 500ml
Juniper, bay leaves, cranberries, lemon, kvan and allspice. Made to celebrate our certification as an organic producer, this is a London Dry Gin to turn heads. Dark notes from bay leaf and angelica and sweetness from cranberries. The gin is unfiltered and may turn cloudy with the addition of water or ice.
Bluecoat American Gin 47% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Bluecoat American Gin 47% 700ml
A revolutionary dry gin that leads with refreshingly sweet citrus aromatics, giving way to soft and earthy juniper notes. The body is intensely smooth with a complex depth of flavours that reveal themselves as they permeate the palate. The bright citrus finish is exceptionally long and completes an experience that is incredibly pleasing to the senses. The original American Dry Gin, Bluecoat is in a class by itself.  Bluecoat exclusively utilizes 100% organic juniper berries, which transmit spicy, earthy notes as opposed to the pungent pine-tree flavours of regular berries. A premium blend of organic American citrus peels and spices complements the rich juniper notes, giving Bluecoat its classic citrusy finish. Creates the perfect ‘All-American G&T’ or a ‘Liberty Martini’ and is always garnished with an orange. Awards: Gold Medal for Best Gin at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Gold Medal and the Best In Class award for Best Gin at the 2007 International Wine & Spirits Competition
Vedrenne Salers Gin 40% 700ml | Gin | Shop online at Spirits of France
Vedrenne Salers Gin 40% 700ml
Unique association of 11 botanicals including the gentian root cultivated in the Massif Central, gin is distilled in small batches, in a bain-marie in the historic stills of the Gentiane SALERS. This slow distillation at low temperature preserves all the delicacy of the aromatics. The bitterness of the gentian is thus erased to extract the floral expression of its original terroir. Tasting notes OURNOSE: Intense with notes of citrus and cardamom enhanced by notes of juniper. ITS FLAVOUR: Spicy finish of pepper, ginger and gentian.

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