About Rum

About Rum - Spirits of France
Rum is a spirit that’s distilled either from fermented molasses (a viscous by-product of the sugar industry where most of the aromatics have been lost through the evaporation of sugar making i.e. Traditional or Industrial Rum or freshly pressed 100% sugar cane juice fermented and distilled i.e. Rum Agricole. Because of its base material, molasses-based rums generally have a sweet note and flavours of molasses, and caramel (their complexity is ramped up by aging them in barrels), while those made with sugar cane juice (like rhum agricole and Cachaça to a lesser extent), have a much greater palette of aromatics , length and complexity. Rum is made in sugar cane producing countries, especially those in the Caribbean. Very aged versions are generally sipped neat, while unaged and lesser aged spirits are mixed in classic, Tiki and modern cocktails. Agricole rum has its own very original cocktail the Ti’Punch. It is said that Rum Agricole is to Cognac what Industrial Rum is to Grappa. Accordingly splendid very old Cognacs, Armagnacs or Rums Agricoles are very difficult to differentiate. CLICK HERE TO SHOP RUM