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Everyone knows Tequila as ‘the drink from Mexico’, but many don’t know anything beyond that. Read below for a quick 5 minute quick to the fundamentals of Tequila, and how to drink Tequila!

What is Tequila? Find out from the experts!

Tequila is a distilled spirit made especially in certain parts of Mexico. There are several ways to produce tequila and the distillers are meant to follow certain protocols associated with it. Enjoyed in almost every part of the world, this drink has gained quite the reputation and can make anyone a party animal.

Produced from the blue agave plant, there is a variety of Agave tequilana Weber. Distilled in the areas in and around the city Tequila, it is a Mexican drink produced in several parts of Guanajuato, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, and Michoacan. 

Avage plants grow differently in different parts, depending on the soil, altitude and weather conditions. The Tequila region is known for its red volcanic soil, which is the best place for grooving blue agave.  Records state that more than 300 million plants are harvested in this region every year. 

Tequila cocktail recipes are a diverse and fun thing to explore. It is fascinating how it reacts to the variety of mixers with which it is mixed. 


What is Tequila made from? 

As we have known earlier, tequila is distilled from blue agave plants. The planting, cultivating, and harvesting of this plant still depends on age-old know-how and not modern pieces of machinery.

Those who harvest the plants are known as Jimadores and know all the secrets to harvesting the plant. This knowledge has been passed from generation to generation making this drink so exquisite and mesmerizing. 

The pinas which are the main core of the plant are baked in the oven to turn the fructans into simple fructose. Once done, they are mashed under a large stone wheel known as tahona. The juice collected is poured into big wooden or stainless steel columns where they are kept and fermented to mosto.   

Mosto has a lower alcohol content and thus it is distilled twice to produce “silver tequila”. 

Usually, as per Mexican law, tequila needs to be distilled twice before it is bottled and sold in the market. However, in some places, a third round of distillation is carried out, but it usually removes the authentic flavour of the agave plants. 


How to drink Tequila?

If you are having tequila for the first time and truly want to have the best experience, have it straight. No frills, not even ice. Just straight. 

With each sip, you can feel the warmth of the alcohol, the flavours, and the taste.

Now for the uninitiated, we have the Tequila guide 101 just for you.

  • Take a glass. Pour about an ounce of tequila
  • Swirl it gently
  • Take a small sip and allow it to swish at every corner of your mouth.
  • Swallow
  • Repeat

Tequila connoisseurs throughout the world will keep on suggesting you have it neat, just to maintain the authentic, conventional way of drinking however, if the taste is a bit too strong for you, you can always have it with ice.

Now in case you want to unleash the dragon in you, order some lime and salt, and cheers! Tequila shots can never be out of style. 

How to make Tequila cocktails: A few cocktails you have to try

If you are at a party and want to rock the dance floor, you must try out these cocktails! 

Flavoursome, spicy-sweet, creamy, and refreshing, a tequila cocktail can be paired up excellently with authentic Mexican food!

Classic Margarita: Margaritas are the best when you are trying out tequila cocktails, Take a glass and add salt to the rim. Pour some tequila. Add Cointreau and lime juice with ice. Shake it and delicoso! 

Paloma: Paloma is known as the cousin of Margherita. The recipe is the same, but instead of lime, grapefruit is used. Changing the citrous flavour gives it a sweet and sour edge.

Tequila Sour: This is one of the best tequila cocktails you can ever have! Known as the mashup drink of the 1920s, tequila sour is usually made from tequila, lemon, lime, bitters, egg whites, and simple syrup. 

Mexican Mule: The Mexican Mule is a conventional drink. Bold yet bubbly, sour, yet spicy, this cocktail could be the showstopper of your next gathering. Some say this cocktail is even better than its inspiration. Give your taste buds a spin, grab a bottle of tequila, and mix it with lime juice and ginger beer. And there you have it! The classic Mexican Mule.

Characteristic of Tequila

Having an alcohol content of  around 40%, tequila shares the stage with popular spirits such as Scotch or Bourbon. And the best part is that you can mix several drinks with tequila and never be disappointed with the outcome. 

Colour - The colour of tequila varies from silver to dark amber brown. This colour depends on the aging process and the type of wood used for distillation.  The silver colour is known as Blanco. Other than that, there is Reposado and Anejo. 

Taste: The taste of tequila is somewhat smooth and sweet and fruity. This depends mainly on the place where it is being harvested. The tequila distilled in the highland region has a sweet and fruity taste whereas the ones produced in the lowlands have a spicy and earthy taste.

Smell: Made from agave plants, tequila usually has a raw fruity, and woody smell as it is aged in oak barrels. 


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