Everything you Need to Know About Cognac

Cognac, the French spirit as we all know was produced in the Cognac region in France, in the districts of Charante and Charante-Maritime. 
Everything you Need to Know About Cognac - Spirits of France
“Here’s to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life.” 
            —F. Scott Fitzgerald

What is Cognac? Find out from the Experts!

Cognac, the French spirit as we all know was produced in the Cognac region in France, in the districts of Charante and Charante-Maritime. 

The distillation and manufacturing of Cognac, require special skills, following AOC rules, and equipment hence it is impossible to make it anywhere else in the world.

The knowledge of the makers, and their skills in culmination with the weather and soil of the region is perhaps what makes Cognac, the drink of the Gods! 

The lustrous colour and the smell of a bottle of aged Cognac are sure to give a whirl to your senses. The world will forever be indebted to France for producing such extraordinary liquor. 

The first production of Cognac can be traced back to the 16th Century. Previously considered to be the nightcap for most, Cognac now is one of the most expensive drinks in the world. 

All products of Cognac is supervised by the Appellation d'origine contrôlée or the AOC, the French governing body.

What is Cognac made from?

God bless the creator of Alcohol! It is absolutely miraculous to know that a simple grapefruit when smashed, distilled, and aged in big oak barrels can create something so unique and at the same time make you a tipsy-toe.

Cognac is made from a group of range of Grapes. 

Today, a dedicated group of 6000 growers is maintaining the grape vines in the Charante region to create this fascinating liquor. 

And the history of Cognac is as entrancing as the liquor itself!

The Dutch were technically the creator of Cognac. When the Dutch arrived in France, they were unable to keep their wine drinkable. And since wine makes daily life easier with less tension, the tolerance level of the Dutch people was sky high and they started making their own liquor. 

In the initial days, they named the liquor Brandwijn, or burnt wine. This name primarily originated from its dark brown colour. 

Cognac was shipped to the ports of Eastern Europe in the 17th Century. Having a glass of Cognac, during the old days set a standard for being a class apart! Such was the calibre of Cognac.

Cognac vs. Armagnac

Both Armagnac and Cognac are produced in France, still, there are quite a few differences when it comes to the taste, colour, flavour, and alcohol content of both drinks. 

Cognac is distilled in copper pot stills and aged in big Troncias or Limousine Oak Barrels, whereas Armagnac is distilled in alembic stills and aged in Limousine Oak Barrels. 

The flavours of Cognac are different from that of Armagnac as Armagnac is distilled for a long period of time, giving it a more viscous and darker texture. 

Cognac was produced 200 years later to the production of Armagnac and hence it was quite a popular one.

A premium bottle of Cognac can make you the center of attention. But never forget that it can cost you quite a couple of dollars too!

Armagnac is distilled once in a copper still, whilst Cognac is double distilled in a pot still.

How to serve Cognac?

Veterans usually enjoy Cognac by gulping it straight from the glass. However, that is going to be quite a thing for the newbies. Hence the best way for them is to have Cognac cocktails. 

The French Connection cocktail is known for its exquisite taste. Pour some Cognac into a glass and mix with some Amaretto Liquor. Let it sit for a while and then enjoy! 

The best way to drink cognac is where you take a glass, pour some Cognac, and warm it with your hands. Light a cigar that is similar to the flavour of Cognac to balance the taste. Take one sip and one puff of the cigar and enjoy your drink. Cogan is also considered to be one of the best after-dinner beverages. 

There are innumerable benefits of drinking Cognac as it is considered to be one of the best heart supporters. At the same time, Cognac is known to reduce the risks of blood clots which in turn lowers the risk of heart disease. Another great aspect of Cognac is that is perfect for the ones who try to maintain their weight. Since Cognac contains less than 100 calories, some say it is even healthier than whisky. 

Characteristic of Cognac 

By now, we all know that Cognac is made from grapes. It is double distilled and aged in wooden barrels before being ready for sale in the markets. Some consider Cognac to be mellow and quite affordable. Sophisticated for most, the scale of Cognac seems to be pretty high compared to most liquors available in the market. 

Now to understand the best Cognac, you must be acquainted with the taste, colour, and smell of this particular drink.

  1. Colour - The colour of Cognac is drastically different from others as it has a typical reddish-brown shade.
  2. Taste - The taste depends on how long it is aged, the barrel, the grapes, year of grape products and much more. Cognac usually has a sweet fruity taste. At times it can have a spicy bitter taste as well.
  3. Smell - Cognac has a fruity smell. From peaches to plums and prunes, a vintage bottle of Cognac can make you smell figs, dried apricots and much more.


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