Classic Ways to Drink Gin

Classic Ways to Drink Gin - Spirits of France
Written by: Mikayla Newman Made of antioxidant-loaded berries, you probably should probably think about stashing some bottles of Christian Drouin Gin in your liquor cabinet. Gin has been a popular spirit since the 17th century because it can suit a wide array of the flavour profile. It’s a favourite drink during warmer months, but if you don’t like to drink it straight, here are some classic mixes to try:  

Classic Gin Martini

These days, any beverage in a cocktail glass can be referred to as a “martini”. However, a real martini requires gin. The beauty of classic gin martini comes from its simplicity: mix gin and dry vermouth. Best stirred, but the proportions are up to you. You may want to try the Vesper Martini. The classic gin martini is the base of many other mixes and is regarded as the standard for a fine drinking experience.  


If you’re looking for a refreshing dinner cocktail, aim for a Negroni. This cocktail can be made using gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth—all of which are aperitifs. “The Negroni is considered an acquired taste because Campari is noted for its bitter taste profile. Once you get around it, you will realise that only a few drinks work with meals. It can also be paired with various food, but Italian cuisine is the best match.”, states Shane Perry, Max Funding’s senior financial analyst. Perry travels a lot for business and has observed that Negroni is a favourite appetiser in many places. Try our Prohibition Negroni today!  

Hanky Panky

There are no foolin’ around with this sweet martini. Believed to have been invented in Savoy Hotel by Ada Coleman, this dinner-worthy drink is popular among people who prefer their glasses a bit saccharine. Hanky Panky is made using gin, sweet vermouth, and Fernet-Branca, an Italian herbal liquor.  

New Orleans Fizz

Speaking of icons! The New Orleans Fizz (also known as “Ramos Gin”) is the best-known member of the fizz family. The preparation of this cocktail can be challenging for beginners, but the result is totally worth it. You need gin (perhaps The Doctor from Tiny Bear?), lemon juice, lime juice, cream, syrup, fleurs d'orange, and egg white. The egg white is required to achieve the desired creaminess and bring all flavour together for a delicious mix. The first shake should be dry so that all ingredients mix well. Then, fill the shaker with ice and shake it harder for a silkier drink.

Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling has enchanted many by its complex flavour and intriguing history. There’s a lot of debate about its origin, and numerous versions have been made over 100 years. But each version always includes gin, citrus, soda, and cherry brandy. The mix is red and is served over ice. The best thing to do is to explore various recipes until you find the best for you.   Spirits of France is dedicated to finding the spirits, aperitifs, and liqueurs that can give you the most ethereal drinking experience. Visit us now to find non-commercial, artisanal, and beautifully authentic drinks.  
Written by: Mikayla Newman for Spirits of France