7 Reasons Why Tequila Is Good For You

7 Reasons Why Tequila Is Good For You - Spirits of France
Written by: Mikayla Newman   Most of the time, too much tequila and trouble go in tandem. But when consumed in moderation, tequila has benefits you can enjoy.   Luke Wood, CEO and health and nutrition specialist at MonkeyFoodz, supports that tequila shots are not exactly bad. According to Wood, “Excessive alcohol intake is undoubtedly unhealthy, but although tequila is certainly not a "healthy food," it has some fascinating beneficial properties. However, to get the highest health benefits, make sure that you ask for one with a "100 % agave" label on the bottle.”   Though the reasons why tequila is good for you sounds exciting, be advised that this suggestion applies only if you drink tequila in controlled doses. Binge drinking isn't promoted in any way.  

1.   Aids in Weight Reduction

  If you're trying to lose weight, take advantage of the weight-loss effects of agavins. These are particular types of sugar found in tequila have a less complicated molecular framework--which means they do not spike your sugar levels. Compared to other alcohol sugars, most of the calories in tequila are not easily absorbed and leave the body in time.  

2.   Excellent Source of Probiotics

  Probiotics are good bacteria that are typically abundant in our intestines. The fructans from tequila are an excellent sources of these good bacteria. They are accountable for boosting the immune system and support digestion.  

3.   A Cure Known For Decades

  In the 1900s, Tequila was used as a treatment for Spanish influenza. A couple of decades later, Mexican physicians started prescribing tequila cocktails to treat colds. So whenever you feel the cold and fever coming in, get a shot of tequila.  

    4. A Mood Booster

  Tequila is known to be a mood booster. Some might disagree since tequila contains ethanol, which is a known depressant. But, have you seen someone feeling lonely or upset while drinking a margarita? It would be best if you tried taking tequila shots when you're a bit down to see for yourself.  

     5. Best Alternative For Those With Gluten Intolerance

  Tequila is obtained from the blue agave plant. Given its source and composition, it allows people with gluten intolerance to enjoy some liquor.  

    6. Counteracts Insomnia

7 Reasons Why Tequila Is Good For You[/caption] Because of its calming benefits, tequila helps ease the nerves and induce sleep. When dealing with insomnia, it's not safe to rely on any drug or alcohol. Yet, tequila shots are something you can enjoy if you simply want to loosen up.  

7. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

  Another advantage of tequila is that it stimulates insulin release. As a result, levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body are reduced.    

Can't Get Enough Of Tequila?

  Whether you want your Tequila neat, shot with salt and lime, you can take advantage of the benefits of this drink if you consume in moderation.   It's a tricky process to choose the best tequila of high quality to fit your palate. Spirits of France can help you in the process. Contact us and choose from our wide selection of top-quality spirits.   Written by: Mikayla Newman