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Manoir du Kinkiz Chouchen (Mead) 13.5% 700ml

Manoir du Kinkiz
Chouchen is the Mead of Brittany: it is made by macerating honey in fresh apple juice. Various kinds of honey coming from Buckwheat, chestnut, multiple varieties of flowers, bramble, colza and more. These different flavours give to this Chouchen its delicious complexity. Beautiful pairing with rockmelon, apple desserts and creates a surprise in sauce with roasts and poultry.
Located in Brittany, all the Manoir du Kinkiz ciders are made using traditional methods: Apples are harvested by hands and from the Manoir's orchard. They are 100% pure juice like all French ciders or Perry must be by law and no addition of anything but sulphite under strict conditions is permitted. This is very important to bear in mind when in most countries of the world ciders can have up to 45 % water added , with sugar, aromatics synthetic or natural, sugar, alcohol, preservatives etc. This Manoir du Kinkiz is famous for its Cidre de Cornouailles, one of the most recent “AOC” Apellation d’ Origine Controllée” where the cider is intense, orange in colour, and very bitter/sweet. Some of these characteristics attached the region of French Cornwall (Cornouailles) are found also in its other ciders in a lesser degree.

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