Australia's Best Vodka 2021 - OFFICIAL WINNER - Hartshorn Vodka

Australia's Best Vodka 2021 - OFFICIAL WINNER - Hartshorn Vodka - Spirits of France

Australia's Best Vodka 2021

No one can knock down the Vodka champion, Hartshorn, after winning Australia's Best Vodka 2021 for the fifth consecutive year. The Tasmanian Distillery has once again dominated the competition to take home the award with their unique Sheep Whey Vodka, which is no surprise to those who have had the pleasure to taste it. In 2018, Hartshorn went one step further and took home the World’s Best Vodka overall trophy, knocking down competitors from around the globe. This is the first time a company has taken Australia's Best Vodka five times in a row, beating their own record of four.

The story:

Hartshorn has had a quick rise to the top after only purchasing a still from eBay in 2015. Ryan Hartshorn (head distiller) taught himself how to use the biproduct from cheese of his family’s business, Grandvewe Cheese. “I used to work on cheese [through the day] and then came home to research distilling for two years. I read about a place in Ireland using cow whey, so figured it out myself,” ”This is the first vodka in the world made from sheep whey, and the bonus is it tastes good and reduces waste,” he said. Each Bottle is hand sprayed black before the label is hand written and signed by Ryan. Only 17-24 bottles are produced for each batch depending on bottle size. The vodka can be described as a creamy sweet nose, velvet body with a smooth attitude to finish. The nose has a delicate brown sugar sweetness with a delightful floral undertone. Therefore, Upon tasting you are welcomed with fresh pear and golden apple. Rounding out with hints of wild spice, leather and mineral freshness to finish. Super smooth with little heat and plenty of character. Designed to drink straight at room temperature. Serve alone in a large aromatic glass or as a vodka martini with a pair of quality green olives. This product is certainly one of our favourites, and we highly recommend trying this beautiful, unique and successful spirit.

Where to buy?

Keen to try Australia's Best Vodka 2021? CLICK HERE Take a look at how Ryan goes about his process: Click Here