Multi awarded Pastis from Lemercier Distillery - 1811 Pastis

Pastis 1811 is a truly traditional Pastis, produced by the distillation and maceration of various seeds and plants (wormwood, mugwort, gentian, liquorice, fennel and star anise). Subtly perfumed, Pastis 1811 is unique due to its freshness and sweetness. With the addition of water and a few ice cubes, you’ll be surprised by its elegance and finesse. A Pastis of exceptional quality, with smooth notes of liquorice. This Pastis, with an alcoholic strength of 45% is an homage to the history and experience of the family, and their expertise producing absinthe and spirits.

Pastis 1811 comes not only in an attractive bottle and elaborate label, but in a decorative box, making it ideal as a present! The label shows the coat of arms of the Lemercier family. This design reflects perfectly the imperial world of Napoleon's reign.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Sweet note of liquorice, harmony of fragrances, no aggressiveness.

Palate: In 3 strokes - aniseed note, herbaceous note, liquorice note, very harmonious sensation on the palate, all in elegance and subtlety.

Louche: Before adding water 1811 is an amber colour. The louche happens quickly, like an explosion, colouring the Pastis a golden yellow. 

Flavour: Anise, fennel and a hint of wormwood make for a fresh and pleasant taste-experience.


- Gold Medal Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles,

Plovdiv Bulgaria 2018

- Gold Medal at Inside Food and Spirits Competition, 2018

- Silver Medal at Inside Food and Spirits Competition, 2017

- Gold Medal at IWSC London, 2017