Summum Vodka - Vodka inspired from Cognac

Summum Vodka - Vodka inspired from Cognac - Spirits of France

SUMMUM VODKA is an authentic, handcrafted vodka, imported from France (made in the region of Cognac, France) and produced by a passionate master-distiller, Patrick Giudicelli, who has been handcrafting spirits for over 30 years.


SUMMUM is latin for summit (like a mountain summit). We commonly use that word in French to designate the best of the best product, made with the highest possible ingredients and production technique.

That is why we chose this name for our vodka.


The secret of a quality vodka lies in the quality of its ingredients: we use wheat for the Beauce region in France. Beauce is a region in northern France, located between the Seine and Loire rivers. Beauce is one of France's most productive agricultural areas.

Then we use multiple plate column still distillation, which ensures the best purity of the vodka.

Water is added in three steps with 2-week resting period in between.  


Each time the spirit undergoes a blending accelerator (oxygenation process). We use water from the Gensac spring water, a spring located near the city of Cognac.


Label clearly identifies product and ingredients origin, date and location of distillation and production.