About Marcs, Fines and Fruit Spirits (Eau de Vie)

About Marcs, Fines and Fruit Spirits (Eau de Vie) - Spirits of France
Eau de Vie is a generic term to described pure fruit distillates: pear william, abricot, cherry or raspberry are all popular fruit spirits. Much rarer Great mullein, Meadowsweet or Sweet-scented Bedstraw are also made available here in Australia. “Fine” (Brandy) describes a wine distillate which is not from Cognac, nor Armagnac, but from Champagne, Burgundy, Languedoc, Cotes du Rhone etc. Marc is the French equivalent of the Italian Grappa, a distillation of the leftovers from the grapes already pressed (all solid remains) with the possible addition of fresh grape juice fermented. At Cerbaco we represent the finest producers from Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, Cote du Rhone and Basque Country. They are experts in distilling fruits from their estate. Our Medlar fruit spirit is iconic, alongside Pear William spirit with a pear kept “prisoner” inside the bottle. The quality and quantity of fruit, the keeping of only the heart of the distillation, the long aging in stainless steel are the difference between the sublime and the ordinary.   Shop Marcs HERE Shop Fines HERE Shop Fruit Spirits HERE