About Calvados

About Calvados - Spirits of France
Calvados (Cahl vah dos) is the authentic apple (and pear) brandy, made in Normandy, north west of France. The Varieties are cider (and pear) apples high in sugar and bitter more suitable than fruit apple which lacks complexity and length. Calvados is the result of apple juice fermented (cider), distilled and matured in oak casks. Calvados is a fascinating, intense and fruity after dinner drinks. It also used in cocktails using its pronounced aromas and flavours. At Cerbaco we represent the very best producers from the first terroir of the Calvados region (Appellation d’Origine Controlée), the Pays d’Auge. We also import small batches from the Domfrontais ( more pear ) area and the main area of Calvados production, with above 20 different Calvados available in Australia.   Shop Calvados HERE