About Armagnac

About Armagnac - Spirits of France
Armagnac is located in the Gascony region. In 1909, Armagnac was categorised into three different regions, being Bas-Armagnac, Armagnac TenarèzeHaut-Armagnac. Originally in Bas Armagnac a sub region was called Grand Bas Armagnac where a different soil of ochre sands induced a superior Armagnac. This appellation was not registered legally by the French government and not controlled; it was abandoned when too many neighbouring Armagnacs were trying to pass as “Grand Bas”. The Appellation Contrôlée approves ten grape varieties, however Armagnac is made by distilling white wine vinified mainly from the Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Bacco Blanc Grapes. As with all complex aged spirits (Cognac, Fines [Brandy], Calvados, whisky, etc.) the time spent in the barrel is the main factor of quality. Once in a glass bottle it remains the same almost forever and certainly does not improve. With over 300 producers selling bottles of Armagnac, it is a highly competitive industry, with Cerbaco selling the finest on offer. We pride ourselves on the high-quality Armagnac at our disposal and are confident we can provide you with the right bottle to suit your palate.   Keen to shop our Armagnac range? CLICK HERE