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Shinshu Mars Distillery Maltage 'Cosmo' Whiskey Shinshu & Scottish Malt 43% 700ml

Shinshu Mars Distillery
Shinshu Mars Distillery Maltage Cosmo Whiskey Shinshu & Scottish Malt 43% 700ml: High up in Miyata village on Kuyshu Island is the Shinshu distillery (aka "Mars"), founded in 1985 by Hombo Shuzo Ltd, a producer of shochu since 1872. Shinshu’s whisky is distilled only during the island's harsh winters. In operation from 1985-1992 and then 2011 to present, this is actually Shuzo's third domestic distillery. The previous have been the Yamanashi Distillery (1960-1969) and the Mars Kagoshima Distillery (1978-1984). ‘Cosmo’ (which refers to a mountain near the distillery), is a new label for this producer. A blended malt, bottled at 43%, composed of the distillery's own spirit as well as Scotch malt whisky imported in bulk.   For more Japanese Whisky, click HERE
Founded in 1956 by Georges Bénitah, La Maison du Whisky has established itself as one of the largest French specialists in the importing and distribution of rare whiskies. A leader in the sector, its dynamism has played an important role in the evolution of the French market for premium whiskies, and now also fine spirits. Their knowledge, range of whiskies and other spirits and liqueurs is immense. Quality is the unique parameter. They are a major operator. Nikka has granted them exclusive distributor status for the whole of Europe.

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