Pineau des Charentes

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Renier Pineau des Charentes Blanc Extra Vieux (Extra Old White) 20yrs+ 17% 750ml

20 Years
Renier Mistelle Pineau Des Charentes Extra Old (20 years) is 17%. This XO Cognac over 25 years old comes from the Cognac Charpentron property of Grande Champagne First Cru and was aged in the dampness of their cellars nearby the Charente River. The confit fruitiness of this cognac, makes it the ideal companion of cigars. Also pretty good without cigars.
The cognac house of Charpentron is a traditional and family one, and has been passed down the line from father to son, mother to daughter, for ten generations. The estate, known as Clos de Merienne, covers 178 acres of prime Grande Champagne countryside, with 74 acres of these covering the hills around the estate as vineyards. With such a long history, it's perhaps no surprise that the cellars of Charpentron boast some very old cognacs, some of which are 100 years of age or more.

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