Prohibition 2021 Limited Edition Christmas Gin 38% 500ml

Prohibition Liquor Co.

Prohibition Christmas Gin is fast becoming a hallmark of Australian Yuletide traditions, and our 2021 vintage is no exception. Once again, it features all the luxurious complexity you’ve come to expect, including classic ‘Christmas pudding’ flavours from ingredients naturally macerated in our citrus-forward Australian dry gin. This season’s Adelaide Hills figs deliver more flavour than ever before, providing extra depth and complexity to support a backbone of dry gin, macerated cherries, and vanilla. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and a touch of star anise harmonise to create a rich spice hit. As always, it plays perfectly in your favourite Christmas cocktails, like a French 75 – on ice with a glacé cherry, or over Christmas pudding, custard, or ice-cream for a decadently festive dessert.

The Bottle
If you know and love this product, you’ll appreciate that the packaging is different every year, and is always a nod to the richness of the spirit within. This year, lustrous gold bottles hand-made in the Cognac region of France and are adorned with dripping white wax seals and delicate white print. This may be our most beautiful bottle yet!

When Prohibition started in 1920 in the USA, an industry was born... to bring the people what they wanted. Gin was the liquor of choice for clandestine, bootleg spirit makers. In this tradition, almost 100 years later, Prohibition Liquor Co was created. Echoing this small batch craftsmanship, this time by choice... in the search for quality with the finest botanicals and sophisticated detail from artisan hands. To quality, Prohibition liquor, add beauty, with a beautiful carafe.

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