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Don Amado Mezcal Reposado Oaxaca 100% Agave (Clay pot distillation, American oak) 40% 750ml

Las Joyas del Agave
Tasting notes: Don Amado Mezcals are made from 100 percent estate-grown agave plants that have been smoke- and steam-roasted, naturally fermented and twice-distilled. Don Amado's producers have been making our special mezcal since the year 1700, and are renown throughout Oaxaca for creating a spirit that livens the senses with the citrus, floral effervescence of agave. Don Amado, contains one-third tobala, which is more pungent than espadin. This mezcal is produced at Real de Minas, a palenque at Santa Catarina Minas, near Ocotlan. The distilling takes place in clay pots, a technique that has almost vanished. German Bonifacio Arellanes Robles roasts the agave over wood transported by burro from distant mountains, a six-hour round trip. It takes about one month to complete one batch.
Las Joyas del Agave is a Mexican agave-sprits company formed to offer select agave distillates from around La Republica Mexicana to impassioned spirits aficionados around the world. Our craft selections highlight regional methods of agave cultivation, processing and distillation that have emerged around the country, offering agave spirit enthusiasts a real opportunity to explore Mexico's rich agave distillation pride and heritage. Precise Origin, Various altitudes of crops, various agaves, authentic certificates, this the true aristocracy of Mezcals and Tequilas.

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