Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40% 750ml

  • Brand/Distillery : Summum
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 750ml


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Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40% 750ml

A handcrafted vodka made in Cognac, France by a distillery that was founded 1814. Using the best wheat, finest spring water and resting periods in between distillation ensures a fine vodka of great purity.

The combination of the best ingredients and our unique savoir-faire gives birth to Summum’s unmatched tasting profile.

A delicate nose with slight notes of walnuts and fennel. When refrigerated, Summum unveils sweet aromas of dried coconut.

Round and mineral with peppery notes.

Long finish with subtle notes of dried coconut.

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SUMMUM is the Latin word for summit. The word is commonly used in French to describe the very best products, made with the best possible ingredients and production techniques. Summum Vodka is a 100% wheat based vodka. It is produced in our distillery, established in 1814 on the banks of the Charente River, downtown Cognac, France. For over 10 years now and capitalizing on a 2-century experience producing cognac, our seasoned Maitre de Chai has been devoted to producing the world's most exquisite vodka.

  • London Spirits Competition, Gold 2020
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Double Gold, 2013

2 reviews for Summum Vodka (Distilled from Wheat) 40% 750ml

  1. Ian M

    A very nice Vodka. Smooth and mixes very nicely. I would recommend this product.

  2. Rodger Hills

    4/5 for me. It is a nice vodka, however, I ordered it alongside Hartshorn’s Vodka last time, and the Hartshorn was something special! I’d recommend Hartshorn slightly over this, but still very good.

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