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Prohibition Christmas Gin 40% 500ml ,

  • SKU : ProhibXMASGIN
  • Brand/Distillery : Prohibition Liquor Co.
  • Country of Origin : Australia
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 500ml


Out of stock

The new 2018 Christmas Gin – looking splendid with the new colour tone (paler and more blush colour).

Alcohol content slightly higher this year making it slightly brighter and fresher in flavour (slightly less sweetness).

Same flavour components to last year with slightly more cherry and anise forwardness, but the same ‘Christmas in a Bottle’ signature flavour.

The Prohibition Christmas Gin is all about the hallmarks and ‘spirit’ of Christmas, in flavour and character, so the brief to the label was to evoke the feel, in a sophisticated manner. We chose to keep the form of the existing Prohibition bottles, however with the colour of the spirit, there was no visibility to a back label image. Therefore the front strip label needed to carry all of the detail and interest to give shelf presence. The gold pattern was created to evoke the decoration of the season, whilst also capture the art deco feel reminiscent of prohibition era and grow organically through the typography. The textured matte black stock coupled with gold foil and simple emboss on ‘Prohibition Gin’ gives a level of embellishment befitting of the occasion and the ‘spirit of Christmas’.


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When Prohibition started in 1920 in the USA, an industry was born... to bring the people what they wanted. Gin was the liquor of choice for clandestine, bootleg spirit makers. In this tradition, almost 100 years later, Prohibition Liquor Co was created. Echoing this small batch craftsmanship, this time by choice... in the search for quality with the finest botanicals and sophisticated detail from artisan hands. To quality, Prohibition liquor, add beauty, with a beautiful carafe.


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