Paul Giraud Cognac Tres Rare 40yrs Grande Champagne 40% 700ml

  • SKU : PGTR
  • Brand/Distillery : Paul Giraud
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 40 years
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 700ml


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Paul Giraud Cognac Tres Rare 40yrs GC 40% 700ml


Tres Rare is golden light color, it’s an excellent and lovely Cognac which tells us that color of the Cognac has nothing to do with its age or quality because this one is just superb.

This is a 40 years old Cognac, its blended until perfection using pure vintage Cognac and not blending from different years.

On the nose its very soft but on the palate it’s an incredible complex Cognac done by a master of the old sort.

The nose and palate/taste brings memory of some light spices like pepper, but also vanilla, toffee/fudge, banana and wood.

The finish is warm and smooth very pleasant and it’s a long-lasting one, almost like I’m going to hold on to it for the whole evening.


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Paul Giraud produces in Grande Champagne an exquisite cognac range, from a 6-year old to a 60-year old cognac. The estate is located in Bouteville and in St. Même-les-Carrières, the growing area comes to 35 hectares. The cognac house combines traditional methods with a modern take on cognac production, avoiding any kinds of chemicals or pesticides in their agriculture and colouring additives in the final blends. The work in the vineyard, as well as the actual harvest of the grapes is still done manually, insuring the best possible treatment of the grapes in order to generate the highest quality for the eau-de-vie. Paul Giraud produces single year cognacs, so that they are not blended eaux-de-vie from different years, but keep the annual characteristics. Therefore, Paul Giraud is considered by the specialists as the very best representative of Grande Champagne Cognacs. It would not be enough, if it were not also for the fact that spring water literally runs through his cellar and this is what brings a rapid alcohol reduction and fresh floral aromas. The peacock tail effect is impressive (Ethereal return from the back palate)


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