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Michel Couvreur XV 2005 2020 Palo Cortado Single Cask Whisky 48.5% 500ml ,

  • SKU : COU2005XV2020
  • Brand/Distillery : Michel Couvreur
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 2005
  • ABV : 48.5%
  • Volume : 500ml


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Distilled in Scotland in 2005, wholly matured in a Palo Cortato cask in our Burgundian Caves and bottled at strength in 2020.

Floral, fine and delicate, it presents unusual scents of flint, dried flowers flavours. Always the same silky texture and spice provided by the sherry barrels which are intense in the mouth. Pretty orange bitterness, reminding old liquors, enhanced by a slightly toasted finish.

Michel Couvreur, originally from Belgium, ages Scotch Whisky in the heart of Burgundy (Bouze-Les-Beaune). In the 1950’s he arrived in Burgundy to make and market wine. He took frequent trips to England and Scotland where he sold his wine, but was particularly drawn to Scotland for the fabulous fishing and hunting. In 1956 Michel Couvreur moved to England and in 1964 to Scotland where he became involved in the production process of whisky made from a selection of the most ancient strains of cereals and using extremely rare sherry casks. The industry was changing in the whisky production and the old methods were being replaced by new cheaper ones. The old sherry casks traditionally used were replaced by steel or plastic so Michel returned to France in the 70’s to be nearer to where the sherry casks originate. He dug his own cellar in the hillsides of Bouze-les-Beaune, about midway between the Andalusian vineyards and the Scottish Highlands. His scotch matures there in these rare sherry casks; Pedro Ximenez and/or Palomino. The cellar is a 500-foot tunnel with galleries, kept humid by natural springs running through it. A small room far from any light called 'the paradise' shelters some rare, old and elegant nectar, carefully kept in sealed demijohns. The very humid cellar is the main factor behind the fast alcoholic reduction of the whiskies in their casks. The very fragrant floral and fruity aromas can therefore develop ideally and give Couvreur’s whiskies indeed a rare freshness while they age twice as fast.


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