Macchu Pisco Pisco ‘La Diablada’ 40% 500ml

  • SKU : MACCHUdiablada
  • Brand/Distillery : Macchu Pisco
  • Country of Origin : Peru
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 500ml


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Tasting Notes:

La Diablada is a super premium custom blended Pisco from a private reserve of Quebranta, Muscatel and award-winning Italia grapes.

This three grape blend balance allows the Quebranta grape to give it the body, the muscatel the aroma and the italia grape adds the follow through, the luxurious first grape means that 9 kilo of grapes are used per litre.

La Diablada is names after an Andean spiritual dance re-enacting a legendary fight between angels and demons. Just as the dance strives to achieve perfect harmony, this blend achieves a sumptuous balance of bold aromas and round flavours.

Pisco is grape brandy from Peru and Chile. Macchu Pisco is from Peru, where the legislation is stricter and therefore the quality superior. It can be made from aromatic grapes like Italia, non-aromatic grapes like Quebranta, or a mix of styles which is labeled acholado. Macchu Pisco is a quebranta grape-based pisco with more vanilla and less grape skin. It is non aged and cannot be considered a Brandy, but rather a Fruit spirit, an Eau de Vie of grape.


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