Lacourtoisie Bas-Armagnac 1983 40% 700ml

  • SKU : LAC83
  • Brand/Distillery : Domaine de Lacourtoisie
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 1983 Vintage
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 700ml


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Lacourtoisie Bas-Armagnac 1983 40% 700ml:


All Lacourtoisie Grand Bas Armagnac, have their stratospheric fame, and belong to almost all the cellars of Michelin 3 stars restaurants worldwide sharing the spot with Boingneres, Darroze, Ognoas, …

Therefore they cannot be bothered with Emphatic Descriptions, Bloated Tasting Notes besides being 100% Baco grapes

Tasting note: Made from 100% Baco grapes. Once beyond the varnishy / resiny / sappy opening sniffs this yields delightful aromas of roasted nuts, dates, vanilla, pepper and sweet oak. A surprisingly soft, medium bodied Armagnac framed by fine astringency, unfolding with flavours of oak shavings, prunes, raisins and orange zest and near zero burn. Finish is oaky, moderately tannic with threads of vanilla and dates through the aftertaste.



Domaine de La Coste where is produced the armagnac Lacourtoisie, is located in the best ‘terroir’: ‘the Bas Armagnac’. Produced in this land, is stored in oak barrels; the ageing is achieved in a traditional way in a perfect environment surrounding of humidity of the ‘chai or wine storehouse’ built since 1879.


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