J Bally Rum Agricole 12 years Pyramid shaped bottle 45% 700ml

  • SKU : BALLY12years
  • Brand/Distillery : J. Bally Rums
  • Country of Origin : Martinique
  • Vintage : 12 years
  • ABV : 45%
  • Volume : 700ml


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Tasting Notes: Bally Pyramid Rum, Rhum Agriculture is a strong personality, and dry with high alcohol content, like almost all agricultural. It should be savoured slowly to make appreciable scented notes, chords of the taste and the impressive retro-olfactory persistence. Bally is one of the oldest distilleries that produce, in Martinique, Rhum Agricole. Inspired by the techniques of distillation of cognac, rum in the house ages old white oak barrels. The wood gives the rum a nice amber color and delicate fragrances that only time can provide the rest.

J. Bally Rum was one of the first distilleries in La Martinique to produce "Rum Agricole" from pure cane sugar and be granted "A.O.C" status (Appellation d’Origine Controllée). The AOC Rhum Agricole de la Martinique restricts production to the short best season for the cane to pack aromas, compels that all and only the fresh juice of the cane be used, contrary to 95% of the world rums using the left-overs (Molasses, stalks) of the sugar refining industry. Agricole Rum belongs to the world of cognac or Armagnac, whenever Traditional Rum (also known as Industrial) is in the grappa / pomace world. Inspired by traditional, established production methods for cognac and other fine spirits, the founder of the company, Jacques Bally, had the brain wave as long ago as 1917 to age his rums in oak casks. This slow aging in wood gives them a lovely mahogany colour and fine incomparable aromas which time alone can bring. It is the excellence of his old rums and very early their mention of age, which helped establish the reputation of J.Bally Rums the world over. The originality of the pyramid shaped bottle is the cherry on the cake.


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