Francois Voyer Cognac VS 40% 700nl

  • SKU : FVVS
  • Brand/Distillery : Francois Voyer
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage : 2.5 years
  • ABV : 40%
  • Volume : 700ml


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A young, fruit driven, grape-to-bottle Cognac. 100% Grande Champagne.
Francois Voyer is a grower producer: he owns his vineyard and makes his Cognac entirely on his property. Francois Voyer vineyard is located in Grande Champagne, the 1er Cru de Cognac. Present on the finest tables of France, hailed by the specialized press as “among the best of the Grande Champagne”, this producer reflects the history of a family, and the beauty of their vineyard.
Distilled with the lees, the FV VS ages in new Limousin oak casks with a medium interior toast for 1 year. The ageing process continues in old barrels in a damp cellar. A progressive reduction is made, with distilled water (max 5% of diminution every 3 months). A very fine blend, minimum 30 months old.
EYE: golden.
NOSE: strong bouquet of vanilla, lime and white flowers. Floral tones are typical of the Grand Champagne cru young Cognacs.
PALATE: a gentle start which stays on the pallet for a long time. Fruity, pleasant and persistent.
Great for cocktails or can be drunk straight from the freezer. Our cocktail suggestion is a long drink called Brandy Tea. Take some ice, half a slice of orange, half a slice of lemon, 2 teaspoons of honey and 40ml of Voyer VS Cognac. Shake well and then add hot water to make a long drink. More cocktails on

The 28 hectares of vineyard are situated in Grande Champagne region, 1st Cru of Cognac, renowned for its longer after taste, it aromatic power, and so, its big ability of long aging. Voyer Cognac is a family run cognac domain that is passionate about every detail in making cognac. They try hard to harmoniously balance old traditions with the best techniques of the modern age to get the most from their Grand Champagne vineyards. The style is closer to classic like the big commercial houses of Cognac but with a quality that could only exist in a perfect world. The champion of the XOs.


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