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Francois Voyer Cognac gift-box VSOP, Napoleon, and XO (3x200ml bottles)

  • Brand/Distillery : Francois Voyer
  • Country of Origin : France
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 40%, 40%, 40%
  • Volume : 3x 200ml


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Alcoholic Strength: 40% Content: 3x200ml Appellation: AOC Grande Champagne Area of Origin: Cognac France Vintage: 5 years/15 years/ 25 years  Variety: Folle Blanche, Bacco 22A, Colombard Terre Grande Champagne 5 years 40% Tasting notes:   Fine Floral aromas, with a long aftertaste, where flowery tones prevail, linden and violet. The aromas you will perceive blend with woody notes and leave an agreeable and persistent perfume.   Golden copper color, hints of violet with smooth almost sweet oak finish.   Serving circumstance: After meal drink. Serving temperature : Room Temperature. Suggestion: Try it with one part cognac, 3 parts tonic or fruit juice over ice in a tall glass   Napoleon-Grande Champagne- 15 years – 40% Tasting notes:   Aromas : Touches of rose, jasmine, clove pink, combined with the upfront flavours of fruit : Peach, Plums. The old maturation of this Cognac has given it, it’s vanilla aroma. This 15 year old bottling has become the producers best-seller, as pleasing to the novice as it is to the connoisseur.   Palate entry is so dry as to be austere; midpalate displays more fleshiness but it’s the dominating presence of oaky resin that lasts on and singes the tongue.   Aftertaste is long, mineral dry, resiny and not the least bit generous.   Atypical Grande Champagne Cognac, which usually is rich and concentrated. Austere.   Serving circumstance: After meal drink. Serving temperature: Room Temperature.   Grande Champagne -XO -25 years – 40% Tasting Notes:   Aromas: The flowery notes gently give way to aromas of vanilla, dried fruits (nuts, peanuts) mixed with spices and pepper. You will notice the deep woody flavour that characterises old maturation in oak barrels. All these aromas together have the characteristic old Cognac perfume of what we call the «Charentais Rancio».   Taste: Strength and delicacy give this Cognac its fine character. Its length on the palate is exceptional. From the nobility of its origins it has kept the strength of the Grande Champagne and from its age it has passed on the gentleness of its aromas.   How to enjoy it: – You can enjoy its richness dry or on the rocks. Don’t hurry when tasting it : After 10 minutes resting in your glass, it will yield up new and sophisticated aromas in your mouth. Treat it with all the patience it deserves : It has spent many years waiting for you in its oak barrel… – It can as well go with a blue cheese, or a chocolate or vanilla dessert … – Our best Cognac to taste with a cigar …

The 28 hectares of vineyard are situated in Grande Champagne region, 1st Cru of Cognac, renowned for its longer after taste, it aromatic power, and so, its big ability of long aging. Voyer Cognac is a family run cognac domain that is passionate about every detail in making cognac. They try hard to harmoniously balance old traditions with the best techniques of the modern age to get the most from their Grand Champagne vineyards. The style is closer to classic like the big commercial houses of Cognac but with a quality that could only exist in a perfect world. The champion of the XOs.


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