Filliers Gin Liqueur de Prune (Plum) Filliers Plum Jenever 20% 700ml

  • Brand/Distillery : Filliers
  • Country of Origin : Belgium
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 20%
  • Volume : 700ml


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If you combine the unctuosity of thick cream with the velvety, mild characteristics of Filliers Jenever then add a hint of chocolate, vanilla, coconut, banana, amaretto or speculoos etc.   You end up with a Filliers Cream Jenever that slips over your tongue and chases away the chill of autumn and winter. With or without ice.   A sweet and rich explosion of flavour.

Filliers is a family-run distillery based in Belgium. In 1792, Karel Lodewijk Filliers, the first of the Filliers Master Distillers was born. At the time, the family had a farming business, but Karel’s passion for Jenever saw them add distilling to the company portfolio. Over the years, distilling became the primary business, and the farming buildings were soon turned into expansions of the distillery. While the Filliers distillery still sits on the same site it was first built on, in 2006, the buildings underwent a huge regeneration project, modernizing the buildings and equipment. Filliers has produced a number of different Spirits and Liqueurs over the years, starting with Jenever, then Gin, Fruit Liqueurs, Advocaat, Vodka, and in 2016 the brand launched its first Belgian Rye Whisky. At Filliers, they mill, mash and ferment carefully selected grains for use in their Spirits.


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