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Calando Yuzu Liqueur 12% 500ml

  • SKU : RMCYuzuLiq
  • Brand/Distillery : Yatsushika Shuzo
  • Country of Origin : Japan
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 12%
  • Volume : 500ml


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A liqueur born from the fragrant Oita Prefecture “Hon Yuzu”. By using natural juice carefully squeezed in a way that suppresses only the bitterness while maintaining the original fragrance and sweetness of the fruit. The flavour is rich and clear and easy to drink. 

Calland is a musical symbol that also means “to relax.” Delicious and healthy liqueurs made from safe and secure local ingredients are recommended for aperitifs and luxurious relaxing liquors.

Founded in the first year of Genji (Genji Gan-nen/1864), Yatsuka Sake Brewing started in the Kusu basin, where underground water flowing from the beautiful Kuju Mountains flows into the Kusu Basin. The name at that time was "Funakoya". The oldest surviving trowel painting in Kyushu, which was painted at the time, still tells its history.


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