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About Cerbaco

The true specialists in Armagnac, Cognac
and Calvados Liqueurs...for 30 years

At Spirits Of France, over the last 30 years, we have endeavoured to always search and find the very gems of Spirits, Aperitifs and Liqueurs. Often they are confidential, non commercial, artisanal, beautifully authentic and sincere in their quality. For example if a cognac is 35 years old, the whole of it is 30YO, not a lot of 10YO + a small dash of 30YO. Initially we knew well the 2 or 3 stars restaurants of France, who carried such products and would never have touched any commercial spirit. They introduced us to their producers who deemed us worthy of their trust. And over the years, with that same philosophy we pride ourselves to have widened the range and offer not the best known, but just the best of Gins, Whiskies, Rums agricoles, Calvados, Aperitifs, Bitters,Tequilas,Vermouths, Absinthes, Liqueurs, Ciders, Armagnacs, etc.

The ultimate in olfactive beauty is the phenomenon of the “Peacock Tail Fan Effect” of which old armagnacais speak with tears in their eyes “Faire la queue de Paon” about an Armagnac which stands out. After you have swirled a few drops in the mouth and swallowed, after a few seconds you think it is the end of it, when suddenly an explosion of aromatics invades you in the most ethereal and surprising way. I remember in a village in the Armagnac region being directed in secret whispers to a hidden cellars where two older gentlemen, béret screwed on their head, offered me a snifter of “Grand Bas” warning me about the explosion imitating olfactively the visual effect of the deploying of a peacock tail . I was amazed and immediately asked to import such marvel in Australia. They sheepishly confided, that they could not export, since then the Tax and Excise people would discover them.

We pride ourselves to have in our range a few Rums, Armagnacs, Cognacs, Whiskies with that “Peacock Fan Tail Effect”, and what’s more they have fully paid their taxes !!

Gabriel Chaise

Favourite spirit: Cognac

One of Australia’s leading minds when it comes to cognac, Gabriel Chaise, the suavely mannered and mellifluously-voiced man behind Cerbaco Distribution. Gabriel runs master classes for both the trade and the public on cognac, and when you hear him talk about this spirit, it is easy to see why such classes are so successful.

His passion and knowledge as shaped the company into a promising enterprise, where quality is not left behind.

Valerie Blayac

Favourite spirit: Armagnac

“I arrived in Melbourne in 1998 and met Gabriel a year later. We fell in love. Then he introduced me to this fantastic world of Spirits and I fell in love again and we decided to share life and work together!

What I really enjoy in my job is the human side in the hospitality industry and furthermore is working with the fantastic people and brands I have the privilege to represent.

Through my years in Cerbaco and Spirits of France, I discovered the real sense of passion, patience and humility!

That makes the beauty of these Spirits!!!

My first Coup de Coeur is Armagnac!!! “

Bettina Petith

Accounts Manager
Favourite spirit: Normandin Mercier Pineau Blanc

Bettina is the memory bank of Spirits of France, having worked here for many, many, years. She’s so multi-‘experienced’ that back in the day she went from taking an order to packing it, booking it in for pick-up, and driving the forklift to put in on a truck. And that’s not to mention the vast amount of financial and accounting work that she churns through every week these days!

She has been the administrative spine from which all the other strong bones of daily operations have grown, and we could not do without her.

Josie Petrolo

Accounts receivable and Orders
Favourite spirit: Vodka

The Voice of Spirits of France. Many of Our customers are familiar with Josie’s voice, and will happily assist with any order or questions you may have.

Max Lennox

Marketing Manager
Favourite spirit: Whisky

Max has a digital marketing background, after a blend of working in large scale organisations along with running his own business. One of the most recent additions to the team, Max bring a fresh perspective on marketing with an emphasis on the digital future.

Sylvain Taupenas

Wahrehouse Manager
Favourite spirit: Armagnac

This wild mountain-man from The Alps has finally been domesticated in Cerbaco’s warehouse, after defecting from the hospitality industry.

He brings his extensive knowledge of alcohol, and top-notch organisational skills, to have our warehouse functioning like a well-oiled machine. And helping with the odd Armagnac question or three.

He’s a great addition to our team!

Jerome Benlolo

Accounts receivable and Orders
Favourite spirit: Armagnac

The laughter at Spirits of France! You’ll often find him cracking jokes while walking in and out of the wearhouse to collect orders.

Mario Pingeot

Accounts Manager
Favourite spirit: Calvados

A man of many talents. Mario has been with the company for many years, and offers assistance in whatever way possible.

He is also the mastermind behind the famous Spirits of France ‘Le Bar’.