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Willett Bourbon 5YO Cask Strength 61.9%

  • Brand/Distillery : Willett
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 61.90%
  • Volume : 750ml


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Willett have built a reputation as an indie bottler, but there’s also another side to the business. Recently, Willett has started to distill themselves, something they haven’t done since the early 1980s. Refurbishment and experimentation commenced in 2012. The company now has three operating stills – a column still (for the first pass), a “doubler”, and a pot still (for the final distillation). New releases include limited offerings of their very own 3-year-old rye whiskey and 4-year-old bourbon. Those labelled as “Small Batch” – as this is – are reportedly limited to around 12 barrels per run.

Given the high quality of the younger bottlings already sampled, this natural strength rarity should get the attention of more than a few enthusiasts. We have less than a handful to sell. 62.5% Alc./Vol. 195 bottles released.`

Willett Distillery, also known as Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), Ltd., is a private family-owned and -operated company that produces various brands of bourbon and rye whiskey. Most brands produced by the company are in the premium category and range from 6 to 17 years of aging maturity, with some of its bottlings being aged as long as 25 years..


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