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Applewood Gin of Gluttony 43% 500ml

  • Brand/Distillery : Applewood Distillery
  • Country of Origin : Australia
  • Vintage :
  • ABV : 43%
  • Volume : 500ml


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Pale straw colour. Opens semi-sweet, cough lozenge-like, becoming more sappy / resiny after brief exposure. Second pass accents orange zest, hints of wood smoke and piney freshness. A silky, viscous gin that unfolds in stages: first appropriately gin-like with citrus peel and botanicals to the fore, then turning semi-sweet, oily, textural. Drier in the closing phase offering traces of vanilla, cinnamon and late butter menthol lozenge. Trace juniper balances the whole. Fascinating, multi-faceted gin with references to aged tequila. 43% Alc./Vol.

Apart from crafting fine Whisky and Gin, Applewood Distillery, located in South Australia's Adelaide Hills also dabble in experimental small-batch distilling - be it diluting Gin with Saké, torpedoing it with Lavender, smoking barley grain with Applewood or re-inventing refreshing 'old world' classics like his local take on Amaro. This endless originality, finding its inspiration for intrants from Australian Flora and….Fauna is flabbergasting and thanks to the ability of the master distiller, the results are always brilliant.


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